Photo Geek Weekly Episode 49 – Ethics vs. Subjective Reality

Photo Geek Weekly
Photo Geek Weekly Episode 49 - Ethics vs. Subjective Reality

For this episode of Photo Geek Weekly, we welcome back Mike “Sharky” James to the discussion. With Sharky’s background in photojournalism the discussion around ethics and morals in photography based on the definition of an image as documentary or as art is well worth listening to. We bring it back to tech at the end with firmware updates from Sony and how they are trying to attract photographers from other systems in semi-sneaky ways. Thanks for listening!

Story 1: Samsung Caught Using DSLR Photo to Fake Its Phone’s ‘Portrait Mode’ (via PetaPixel)

Story 2: That Iconic ‘Migrant Mother’ Photo Was ‘Photoshopped’ (via PetaPixel)

Story 3: Event Organisers Use Helicopter to Knock an Uninvited Drone Out of the Sky (via PetaPixel)

Story 4: Sony a7/R III Firmware v2 Unlocks All AF Modes for Adapted Lenses (via PetaPixel)

Picks of the Week:

Don: Roithner 450, low power blue laser pointer for presentations and creative lighting

Sharky: Tenba Reload SD 9 Card Wallet – Black

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Don Komarechka is the host of Photo Geek Weekly and Inside the Lens. From auroras to pollen, insects to infrared, much of Don’s photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Exploring the world that we cannot see with our own eyes has been a common thread in Don’s career as a professional photographer.

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