Photo Geek Weekly Episode 33 – Intelligent Noise Removal and Cameras that Know Who You Are

Photo Geek Weekly
Photo Geek Weekly Episode 33 - Intelligent Noise Removal and Cameras that Know Who You Are

On this episode of Photo Geek Weekly, Don Komarechka is joined by Bruce Clarke to discuss the recent advancements in computational photography and why we should keep a close eye on it, interesting investments from Leica in the same area, strange patents from Nikon and an unfortunate mishap involving the Kodak brand with bitcoin mining – all this with some great banter and picks of the week!

Story 1: NVIDIA Unveils AI That Removes Noise, Grain, and Even Watermarks (via PetaPixel)
Related: Researchers use AI to brighten ultra-low light images without adding noise (via DPReview)

Story 2: Leica participates in $121M funding round for computational photography company Light (via DPReview)

Story 3: Nikon Working on Finger Sensors That Can Read Your Emotions (via PetaPixel)

Story 4: Kodak distances itself from failed Bitcoin scheme (via DPReview)

Picks of the Week:

Don: StackShot from Cognisys, a programmable automatic focusing rail.

Bruce: MagBox, MagShoe, MagRing — Revolutionary New Softbox System (Kickstarter)

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Don Komarechka is the host of Photo Geek Weekly and Inside the Lens. From auroras to pollen, insects to infrared, much of Don’s photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Exploring the world that we cannot see with our own eyes has been a common thread in Don’s career as a professional photographer.


  1. Hi Don,

    I love your podcasts.

    A tiny correction if I may do so. You are talking about the AI imaging apps where a Koala, not Koala Bear as you state in your discussion, was re created out of a noisy image.

    Koalas are not related to bears at all, the closest livin relative is the wombat. It might resemble a bear but Australia do not have any bears as it evolved separately from the other continents.

    Kindest regards,

    Spohr Photography

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