Photo Geek Weekly Episode 178 – RED Paradigms

Photo Geek Weekly
Photo Geek Weekly Episode 178 - RED Paradigms

Jordan Drake joins Don Komarechka to discuss the latest offerings by RED, the shutdown of Imaging Resource in a very unceremonious way, the Nikon Z8 and what it means for the future of photography, and an update to an ongoing legal battle over copyright infringement. All this and more – thanks for listening!

Story 1: RED Unveils Komodo-X 6K Cine Camera with New Sensor and Faster Framerates (via PetaPixel)

Story 2: Imaging Resource Founder Shares the Tale of His Site’s Untimely Demise (via PetaPixel)

Story 3: The Nikon Z8 is a Paradigm Shifting Camera (via PetaPixel)

Story 4: Photographers Score Early Victories in Copyright Lawsuits Against Artist Richard Prince (via PetaPixel)
Related: Supreme Court Rules Andy Warhol’s Prince Art is Copyright Infringement (via PetaPixel)

Picks of the Week:

Don: Platypod Handle – now on Kickstarter!

Jordan: iFootage Cobra 3 Carbon Fiber Monopod with Pedal-Release

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Don Komarechka is the host of Photo Geek Weekly and Inside the Lens. From auroras to pollen, insects to infrared, much of Don’s photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Exploring the world that we cannot see with our own eyes has been a common thread in Don’s career as a professional photographer.

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