Photo Geek Weekly Episode 113 – Film is Dead, Long Live Film

Photo Geek Weekly
Photo Geek Weekly Episode 113 - Film is Dead, Long Live Film

On this episode of Photo Geek Weekly, Don is joined by expert wildlife photographer Juan Pons to discuss his transition from film to digital, proper procedures for dealing with wildlife, medium format raw video, nifty accessories and “wild” cameras. All this and more – thanks as always for listening!

Story 1: Opinion: The film vs digital debate, settled, once and for all (via DPReview)

Story 2: 72-Year-Old Woman Gored by Bison in Yellowstone While Taking Pictures (via PetaPixel)
Related: How I Created a Magical Bear Photo (via PetaPixel)

Story 3: Fujifilm adds Raw video output, gimbal support and Film Simulation modes to GFX100 (via DPReview)

Story 4: H&Y Revoring variable step-up rings allow filters to fit multiple lens thread sizes (via DPReview)

Story 5: Watch: Robot Spy Turtle Lays ‘Camera Eggs’ for Vultures to Steal (via PetaPixel)

Picks of the Week:

Don: Nikon F to EF adapter by Gobe – just check out their website for tons of adapters, filters and accessories.

Juan: ISDT NP-FZ100 NP-FW50 NP-BX1 Camera Battery Charger Set for Sony Batteries

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Don Komarechka is the host of Photo Geek Weekly and Inside the Lens. From auroras to pollen, insects to infrared, much of Don’s photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Exploring the world that we cannot see with our own eyes has been a common thread in Don’s career as a professional photographer.

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