Photo Geek Weekly Episode 127 – Doubling Down

Photo Geek Weekly
Photo Geek Weekly Episode 127 - Doubling Down

On this episode of Photo Geek Weekly, Jordan Drake joins to talk about new camera announcements, advances in our software tools, innovations and experiments and more! Thanks for listening as always, stay safe out there!

Bonus: Don’s latest episode on DPReview TV

Story 1: Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: what you need to know (via DPReview)

Story 2: Fujifilm debuts mid-price X-S10 with six stops of in-body stabilization (via DPReview)

Story 3: Adobe shows off prototype version of its Content Authenticity tool and ecosystem (via DPReview)

Story 4: This Is a Fully-Functional 3D-Printed Canon EF to RF Tilt Adapter (via PetaPixel)

Story 5: Hands-on with the the Canon PowerShot Zoom (via DPReview)

Picks of the Week:

Don: Distilled water! Simple ingredient. Freeze flowers in a bowl of water for a unique photographic subject. Used to make this image:

Jordan: DJI RSC 2 Gimbal Stabilizer Pro Combo

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Don Komarechka is the host of Photo Geek Weekly and Inside the Lens. From auroras to pollen, insects to infrared, much of Don’s photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Exploring the world that we cannot see with our own eyes has been a common thread in Don’s career as a professional photographer.

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