Inside the Lens Episode 10 – Lightfield Technology with David Fattal of Leia Inc.

Inside the Lens
Inside the Lens
Inside the Lens Episode 10 - Lightfield Technology with David Fattal of Leia Inc.

On this episode of Inside the Lens, David Fattal is here to discuss quantum computing research that eventually inspired the nanotechnology used in the “light field” displays of the RED Hydrogen and now Leia’s very own Lume Pad tablet.

We discuss not only the technology, but the ecosystem and the community being built around these products and more. Not only could this have a profound impact on everyone from drone operators to art galleries, there is momentum with this product to potentially create a new wave of content creation with immersive depth. Give it a listen to see what the technology is all about, and check out the Lume Pad here:

(Full disclosure: I paid full price for a Lume Pad out of keen interest for this technology. I was not supplied with a review sample.)

For a list of the tools currently available to content creators with this technology, also check out LeiaLoft.

Also, for fun, here are some of my own images formatted for viewing on the Lume Pad (or the Hydrogen). Just download them and view them in the appropriate app, keeping the “_2x1.jpg” as part of the filename. These were taken with stereo 3D macro lenses.


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